The skillset and understanding of various technologies, stems from years of playing with and exploring various programming languages.

Starting out on Turbo Pascal at a young age, completing a computer science diploma after school, sitting Microsoft exams and making use of the internet has all contributed to where we are today.

Today the applications, solutions and services provided are largely a combination of the toolkits developed by NDL and various Microsoft .Net technologies.

Previous and Existing Clients

  • Xentrall & Stockton
    • Lagan e Forms integrated with their EMS system
    • AwiDX, AwiSX
  • Thrive Homes
    • Academy housing integration with Opti-time
    • awiDX, .Net
  • Ian Williams
    • Planet FM integration to Jephson Housing Northgate system
    • AwiQX, .Net
  • Weaver Vale
    • QL and Optitime
    • AwiMX, .Net
  • Tameside Council
    • AwiMX
  • Oxford Pest Control
    • Uni-form
    • AwiMX, AwiSX, AwiQX, .Net
  • Oxford Dog Wardens
    • Uni-form
    • AwiMX, AwiSX, AwiQX, .Net
  • Moray Council
    • Opti-Time and Uniform
    • AwiMX, AwiSX, AwiQX, .Net
  • BT Edinburgh (Demo solution)
    • Uni-form
    • AwiSX, AwiDX, AwiQX
  • Leicester City Council
    • Care first integration
    • AwiMX, AwiDX, .Net
  • Care in Motion Ltd
    • .Net, AwiQX
  • Richmondshire Council
    • Northgate integration
    • AwiMX, AwiSX, .Net
  • North Hertfordshire Homes
    • Total and QL integration
    • AwiMX, AwiSX, AwiQX, .Net
  • NDL ltd
    • Subcontracted AwiMX, AwiSX
  • Studio Make Believe
    • Red Bull code for concept product.
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Python
    • tkInter
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Technologies Used In Most Solutions

  • C#
  • VB.Net
  • NDL-VBScript
  • SQL / SQL Stored Procs
  • Web Services
  • XML
  • XSLT
  • ASP.Net

Ongoing studies and challenges, alongside “Google-ing”, helps with staying up to date with the demand of todays complex integration working environment.

The NDL toolkit is used for developing automated desktop, web and mobile integration solutions, and it comprises of:

  • AwiMX - Cross mobile development platform (Android, IOS, Windows Phone)
  • AwiSX - Desktop automation toolkit
  • AwiDX - (Depreciated)
  • AwiQX - Process queueing management tool, ships as part of AwiSX.

For detailed information on NDL please see their website at

Other technologies regularly used:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle SQL
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • DevExpress Controls
  • Nhibernate
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Google
  • Python 2.7
  • Linux

Other Interests and Skills Under Development

Unity3D Game development (hobby)

Dot Net Nuke