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Capricorn Coding has been creating integration solutions, using NDL's tools, since 2010 and is also a NDL development partner.

What we do.

Capricorn Coding provides consultation for the development of integration and software solutions, specialising in all the tools available in the NDL toolkit.

Capricorn Coding provides the resource for your NDL or ad-hock requirements.

We create ad-hock integration solutions that makes moving data between back office systems seemless using awiSX, awiDX and awiQX tools.

We develop ad-hock mobile applications using NDL's awiMX cross platform application development toolkit.

We develop ad-hock applications and web services using the Microsoft .Net platform.

We can assist you in implementing your first NDL solution and get you going!

We can help you upgrade older NDL solutions to newer, updated ones. 








Why Capricorn Coding?

There are many situations where businesses need someone to fill in a temporary position, or work on a project for a few months.

Sometimes they may need a custom solution to enhance their business or to improve the performance of their employees.

Not all businesses have the resources, structure or sometimes reason for creating and maintaining an in house software development department, team or resource, and with the rapid growth of technology and the demand for services in almost all sectors of the economy, many businesses feel the need to offer additional services to their clients.

They may only need a small solution to help their employees perform their tasks better, or possibly an existing team occasionally just needs a helping hand.

Previous Work.

For more information on previous or existing project that have been done, please have a look at the portfolio page.

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Additional information about Capricorn Coding is also available on the about page.

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